Hi Guys/Girls.

I am new to Range Rover Sport, I loved them from day one, just didn't have the money to buy it yet. Now i have put aside some money to go for one and i found something i really liked. Can i ask a few questions regarding the car?

First of all its not a Dynamic. - So my understanding is its missing the alloy 21 upgrade(which the previous owner already upgraeded) and few other bits which will make the ride better, but i test-drive it and i didnt wanted anything more than that
Missing adaptive Cruise Control - doesnt bother me as long as i have cruise control
Merdian Sound - This is a worry. The car doesnt come with this, but any of you have an idea of what the standard make is ? is it good quality, i can say i am a audiophile.

Also i have heard Range Rovers arent reliable, but i like the car so much that i can live with it, although i dont want to be in the garage all the time. i got range rover warranty till December and planning to get a RAC 12 months more. Any suggestions again? is that worth it for £700(platinum)
Thanks for all the help!!!