Hi All,

I have just purchased a 2014 RRS L494 and am new to this forum.

I have factory rear entertainment fitted and the 7 cheater version. We user the 3rd row quite often. I wanted to all entertainment for passengers 6 and 7 that connected to the OEM setup I already have.

I purchased through a breaker OEM headrests with OEM screens fitted (same as what I have already). I was hoping to somehow swap them with the headrests I have in the 2nd row and connect them so the 3rd row also has the entertainment.

They came complete with all wiring headphones etc.

Is it possible to do what I am planning? The method I was hoping to use was to 'piggy back/ split' from the relevant headrest/screen in front - i.e back right to run off current middle right. Where the current headrest plugs into at the mbttom of the seat, split the wiring in to and then connect 2 instead of the 1 it currently has.

Any advice at all on this?

I dont mind if the additional screens even just mirror the original screens.

Is it possible to get/does anyone have a wiring diagram for the RR rear entertainment? in particular the screens?

I hope the above makes sense but ask away - would really appreciate the help and advice! I will post some pics of what I have and the connections later.

Thanks ALL