Hello all - my name is Mark and I am living in Brisbane Australia.

In 2017 I bought a new RR Sport SE 3.0L SDV6 - love it except for a couple of "minor issues". Many extras after market including a re-map of the engine....currently pulling 940 NM @ 70 kph and 206kw at the wheels...love it !...loads of power to get away from nobs on the freeway !!

One of my pet hates is the brake dust...I have located some Bendix disc pads Kevlar/ Ceramic combo - for the front (Brembo calipers)....but the rear are a different style or make of caliper ?.....Does anyone know of a set of pads all round the vehicle - Kevlar/ceramic combo or similar....that will vastly reduce or eliminate the brake dust ?

Thank You Mark