Hi I'm new to this Forum.

My name is Jeneva

Recently my 2010 Range Rover Super Sport was in a accident. My Range Rover Backed into a aother car leaving little damage, but enough damage to take it to Range Rover's body shop.
There was a dent and the back up camera wasnt working.
Keep in mind that everthing else was working fine. Took the car to the Range Rover Dealershiphere on Sarasota got an estimate and took it in to get body work done.
It took some time and I would call to see how things were going. First they told me it was ready and I could come get it. Then they call back and say that it needed to go back to service for detailing, will be ready net day. So the next day they call me and say there was a problem with the sterio/system. As the guy was driving it back to service he noticed that the sterio wasnt working. They called me and said its no problem they need to charge it overnight. will be ready net day. So next day nothing no call nothing. have to wait till monday to see what happend. They call me monday telling me that the sterio isnt working and it would cost around $4000 to $6000 to fix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what is the problem i ask. they tell me that the mother board was wet and festroyed my system! Thats a lie. There was nothing wrong with my car. when i brought it in everything was fine. now i have car that doesnt have a backup camera which they charged me$1500 for!!! i asked why they charge me for something that doesnt work and they said well its all tied together in the system. WHAT!!!!! then if you knew it wasnt going to work after i told you not to fix the sterio part of system, why did you charge me knowing it wasnt gonna work! well they said we told you about hte problem, sent you pics of motherboard etc! LIES i never got a picture and i spoke with my mechanic and he said no way that is posible. help