Hi! Newbie here - was an FPace owner for the past three years, and just traded it in for a 2020 RR Sport HST!

What do you guys know/ recommend about the badges being taken off for Xpel film application?

I'm taking my new car in a couple weeks for application of the protective Xpel film on the hood and front area. The authorized body shop I found said they would remove the badges, and reapply new ones on top of the film. I'm a bit apprehensive about that. When I bought the car, the dealer offered the Xpel film as a separate package at a much much inflated price. They showed me a vehicle with the Xpel applied and they cut out around the letters. This auto body shop I'm going to states they do not do that because it compromises the integrity of the film.

This auto body shop I'm going to has good reviews and does Xpel films for Tesla's. But I just found the idea of the badges being taken out then reapplied over the film a bit unusual.