new to this forum, hope to get some unbiased advice as to what i'm getting myself into. This is a clean 70k mile texas range rover sport supercharged SVR Im planning to buy as soon as tomorrow once the pre purchase inspection happens tomorrow. Then it will come back to Michigan.
Any open honest advice would be greatly appreciated, I totally understand that I'll be paying double or triple to service correct? Is that a good ballpark to expect? Like brakes for example, instead of 1000 on an American car brake job, I'll expect upwards of 3000 right?
etc etc, Im sure this will apply to everything, which Im ok with.
Is there anythign Im missing though that I am not aware of? I have heard the 5.0 supercharged V8 is very solid drivetrain and has been around many years. Any of you have a similar set up that has aged well and has higher mileage? 150k or even approaching 200k miles? anyone have one of these that is in that scenario?
How many tens and tens of thousands have you thrown at it? or are you happy with it overall?
any info would be great, its an incredible machine, the sound is addicting! I'll be honest though, the sticker was 120k 4 years ago!!!!! Yikes. and now I'm getting it for under 50k, which is good, but what am i getting into.? is the value gonna plummet further if I put, say 50k miles on it over next 4 years before I sell it?
Speaking of resale, anyone have real world info about their experience?
The SVR is more rare, if i get into it decent, which I think I am, should my resale hit later be minimal? any guesses?
I've heard some bad things about the expense of owning these things, crazy computer systems etc etc.
pls help! buying it tomorrow