I had a 2016 LR 494 HSE and did my own oil changes which was simple with a mityvac. The mityvac attached to the post in the place where the dip stick was supposed to be and I was able to drain the car complexly of oil with ease. REALLY liked this model. Well fast forward to the 2020 model of the same car and low and behold, 2 things 1- the oil filter has now changed and there is a dipstick.

The mityvac comes with a series of small tubes to use on the dipstick pipe to drain the oil but when I use it on this model I am unable to drain the entire car. Short about 3 quarts. Let the car sit for an hour for all the oil drain down and still not able to get the last 3 quarts.

Any idea? The length of pipe inserted for the vac is the same length as the dipstick. I'm at a loss. I really don't want to jack up the car for an oil change if I don't have to.

Thanks for any help