I have a 2013 Supercharged that lost major power upon start up. I bought is used with 60k a year ago, it know has 78k it has always ran fine, but the electronics can be a little twichy. Yesterday I noticed the smell of antifreeze when I got out of it. I saw no leaks, no steam, temp gauge is in the middle and there is antifreeze in the overflow reservoir. I may have overfilled it a week ago, but it is the first time I smelled it. I got in it this morning, warmed it up for a couple of minutes, then proceeded to the highway. I hit the gas hard on the entry ramp because a dude would not let me in. Nothing was there, it downshifted reved a little and that was it. No power, the engine light came on and turned off within a couple of miles. The power did not return, hit the throttle, downshift and no power, in fact it would not go over 50 to 60 mph. I drove 10 miles, took it home and parked it. Still smelled a little anti freeze and the overflow reservoir was half full, hot. No engine lights at all. Any ideas???