Towing with Range Rover Sport
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    Towing with Range Rover Sport

    Hello everyone, I own a 2008 Range Rover Sport. We have always found it to be a great vehicle but recently my wife and I bought a 25ft Airstream Trailer and needed a tow bar installed.
    We had the Airstream dealer speak to our local Land Rover Dealer about what type of towing setup we needed. Based on the appropriate weight info and towing capacity of the vehicle, Land Rover installed their specific Receiver Hitch. That was connected to an E2 Equalizer with bars. The Airstream coupler then locked on to the tow ball. We took it out on a 200 mile trip and things seem to work accordingly.
    However, on my second trip (to Tahoe) After 100 miles, the Land Rover receiver hitch FELL OUT the housing. The towing unit dropped to the ground and everything ground to a halt!!!!!!! Fortunately the chains prevented the trailer from detaching completely, but it was extremely dangerous.
    We had just left a gas station and were only traveling at 5mph. Fortunately, no-one was hurt.

    We contacted the Land Rover dealer in Sacramento. Left the Airstream behind and drove to Sac'to to get a new receiver hitch installed. The dealership claimed they had never heard of this happening and that the hitch must have had a defective lock.
    With a new one fitted, we returned and re-hitched up the trailer. After much checking and stopping and re-checking we set off again. This time we had gone about 40 miles when -------- it fell out again! The new one, that had been installed by the dealership!!!!!
    We were on a narrow winding road an only traveling at 15 mph. Again no-one hurt.
    With no cellphone coverage to call for help, and blocking a lane, we felt we had to move it to safety so we uncoupled everything, put everything back together and towed another 3 miles to a safe place. As we pulled to a halt- it happened a 3rd time.
    it's incredible that we were always traveling slowly when it happened. If it had happened at 55mph on the freeway it could have been a disaster!

    We were fortunate in that a tow truck driver passed by and helped us. The next day we had the trailer towed back home, 150 miles!!!!!!!
    The tow truck driver said he thought the Receiver Hitch was a very bad design and not capable of towing that size vehicle.

    Has anyone else ever experienced this ? it's very specific question about a very specific Land Rover part, which I think must be very badly designed. Basically there is far too much torque centered on a very small locking pin.

    I have found forums in the UK and Australia about similar problems with the Discovery towing hitch, which features the same locking mechanism.
    I'm wondering if anyone in the USA has experienced this.
    If nothing else I just want to put the warning out there.

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    Was your problem ever resolved? It sounds like the installer may not have understood the dynamics of the load! I'm looking at purchasing a smaller Airstream that's within specs for the hitch weight & GVWR, but looking for anyone experienced with actual towing situations. I have a 2016 RR sport with a tow package, and shopping for trailers.

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